Tallulah's Daddy

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Cool nanny review!

Posted by parnelllynch on January 12, 2016 at 12:30 PM

Check out this review by a local nanny, "A Poppins in Portland" 

I love this!


Tallulah’s Daddy


Portland is full of children’s entertainers. It overwhelms me with joy to know there is an entire sect of people dedicated to providing high-quality, educational, musical and theatrical experiences for kids. It is a special adult who can find a way back to his inner child and connect with children in order to share a passion.


Margot and I ventured across the Ross Island Bridge to the Warehouse Cafe to see Tallulah’s Daddy (Matt Lynch) perform a solo show this morning. We arrived early and Margot wasn’t so sure about Lynch as she watched him set up his equipment. She started off the show in my lap.


Lynch is very different from some of the local performer’s in that his show is meant to be simple. It’s refreshing – there are very few bells and whistles but the performance doesn’t leave you wanting more. It’s just Lynch, a couple of guitars, a cajon (a really cool Peruvian box drum) and some shakers. The show is acoustic, the lyrics are easy to learn and the beats are perfect for little clapping hands.


Lynch is also exceptional at explaining and engaging children in basic musical concepts of volume, tempo and pitch, as well as being sure to clearly introduce the instruments he uses. Lynch’s silly, educational repertoire encourages movement through songs about dinosaurs, tadpoles and dancing. It only took a few songs to get Margot up on her own, clapping, growling, dancing and shaking egg shakers. She particularly loved the poppy sound of the cajon.


I was impressed by Lynch’s calm demeanor and comfort with the crowd. His simple but somewhat rare acoustic instruments make for a pleasant experience for children and adults alike.



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